North Fork Church Went Camping

This past weekend we enjoyed our North Fork Church annual overnight campout. Many adventurous members of the North Fork Community Church gathered at Twin Creeks Campground Friday and Saturday for fun and fellowship. We filled up on delicious food almost to the point of misery. However, a few walking trips around the campground made room for more delicious eats.

North Fork Church Camping

There were lots of laughs, storytelling, a little tattletailing, and a few rolling of the eyes to go along with some of the biggest fish stories. Some ventured out along the hiking paths to see if some of those elusive huckleberries could be found. While others took to the higher country on a jeep tour. Another couple wandered down to the creek to get a worm wet and came home with the next morning’s breakfast meal. I don’t believe they even shared a bite.

Camping Food, Friends

On a more exciting note one group missed the turn off for the campground and began a gradual climb up the mountain hoping that the road would eventually make its way around and drop into the camp. Up, up they went until it became quite evident that all that was happening was up! As the road narrowed with every foot of altitude, with great relief they found a little place to turn around. With a small widening of the road and a twelve point turn they were able to make their way back down and join the party. In time to eat of course.

Jeep riding, Idaho Camping

We all had a fantastic and very memorable time. What more could one ask for being surrounded by people you love, blue sky, no mosquitos, horse flies, or other various nuisances and we even escaped the smoke for a time. Our God is so good! To be in the middle of all He has created how could one not realize beyond a doubt that there is a God of the universe. Clearly we have seen through what has been made, God has revealed Himself to us.

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