North Fork Community Kitchen

The North Fork Community Kitchen part of the NFCC Community Outreach has been serving a FREE HOT LUNCH on Wednesday’s from 12:00 to 2:00 to our neighbors and friends in the community!

We invite you to come for delicious hot lunch and lively conversation!

Come for Free Hot Lunch at the North Fork Community Kitchen

This weeks NFCC Community Kitchen Volunteers Sam Bashline, Thomas, Janet Bloemeke, Ruth Nutt, Barb Havens, Darlene Lange, Jo Charleton, Marsha Prestwich, Karen Jeffrey

This started out to be a soup kitchen which lasted all of one week.  If you ask me I think it’s because the North Fork women are such fabulous cooks, they just couldn’t help themselves sharing their talents for making simple ingredients taste fabulous.  The Community Kitchen’s Free Hot Lunch for the Community Menu changes weekly.

North Fork Community Kitchen Served Hot Turkey Dinner to friends and neighbors

Mmmmm, Homemade hot crescent rolls and hot turkey dinner!!!!

This week I had the pleasure to sample hot roasted turkey, mashed potatoes and gravy along with the most delicious green beans dressed up with onion and bacon, cranberries and scrumptious crescent rolls and an outstanding pumpkin surprise dessert.  While the food was wonderful, sharing my meal with old friends and new was even better!

North Fork Community Kitchen at NF Community Church

Full Stomachs after lunch and pleasant conversation lingers on

Invite your friends and neighbors…. do you see something missing from this picture?

Bob Havens at North Fork Community Kitchen Lunch

Brad Froemke, Roger Peerson, Mary Belle Dixon with Pastor Bob Havens find warmth and friendliness on a cold winter day at NFCC Community Kitchen

Everyone is all smiles, you too could feel the warmth, please join us….do you see something missing from this picture?

North Fork Community Church Outreach Missions all welcome

Full Stomachs, Friendly bantering, All SMILES with EB Lanni, Dick Rabey, Ray Charlton, Ron Meadville!

Yes joking, laughter, and happiness exudes from the NFCC Community Kitchen….do you see something missing?

Have you guessed yet, what is missing from the above pictures?


Every week brings more guests to the NFCC Community Kitchen, but I saw 90% MEN.  Yes, Men we are GLAD you are here, but where are the Women? Winters can be long and lonely for many people and after living here for 10 years, I see that women have a harder time getting out in the winter.

I challenge you to think of the women in your neighborhood?  Can you think of anyone who might like to get out for a few hours, mingling with friends and neighbors while enjoying a yummy meal they don’t have to cook or clean up after, then please by all means invite them to lunch at the North Fork Community Kitchen!

Thanks for stopping by and God Bless

Beth McDonald

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